MyHoming is the natural progression from the previous PhD thesis called “This House Is Not A Hotel” by Angela Ponzini and from the still in-progress PhD research by Laura Galluzzo entitled “Il backstage dei Grandi Eventi”. Both researches are focused on the analysis of contemporary ways of living and on temporary urban hospitality and accommodation.

Today, the team who is working on the start up MyHoming is composed by Angela Ponzini and Laura Galluzzo (co-founders) with Maia Rossi, Luisa De Bellis and Silvia Gramegna which precious contribution is foundamental for the progress of the project.


We are all dreamers for international and innovative cities, focused on quality services and local market’s resources; cities where small and local shops are endorsed and where travellers are able and stimulated to discover and to personally live neighborhood’s features. Starting from this idea, MyHoming is a growing online platform that aims to connect international travellers with local retailers, in order to satisfy all travellers needs and increase the local market of products and services to be used on a temporary basis. MyHoming aims to provide to its users different kind of tools in order to supply a real local experience, based on the features that are distinctive of each urban area.

MyHoming is addressed to those who we use to call (con)temporary travellers, to be intended as people that don’t search just for a temporary place where to sleep, but a more complete and wide hospitality experience: a local and everytime different cultural and human experience, based on certified quality standards.

This is the blog where we tell the progress of the idea, all the events and the informations related to it. Through this blog you will be able to stay in touch with us and know more about the growing community.

For any further information, feel free to write us an e-mail at
You can also visit our twitter and facebook pages.

The MyHoming Team