Baby Pit Stop is a pit stop area in shops, public spaces and pharmacies where a mum can freely breast-feed and change her baby. Promoted by ASL Milano, UNICEF and Baby Consumers, Baby Pit Stop is a network in Milan made of private structures and public commercial spaces (shops, local ASL spaces, drugstores…) where it’s possible to find a comfortable chair for mums, a changing table for babies and, if possible, a play area for sisters and brothers. Mums can also find leaflefts about breast-feeding produced by ASL Milano and by UNICEF. You can find the map of supporting spaces here >>
MyHoming supports the project because breast-feeding is a right for all mothers and children and should be a natural, public practice. You probably know that Angela, our co-founder, has just gave birth to Anita, so she takes particularly care of this deal.

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