Monforte (digital communication agency based in Milan) has just launched a design call for ideas to create a Collaborative Work Environment. Monforte asks to contribute with projects, drawings, prototypes, or even just ideas, to the creation of A Great Collaborative Work Environment. If you want to take part to the project, you can also help Monforte to create an UfficioManifesto, to keep track of all the tags, principles and keywords that make of a Workplace a Great Work Environment.

The idea of the call born because Monforte team needed more space, more flexibility, more chances for creativity to express, competences to get together, people to collaborate in the most effective and pleasant way. So their big, sunny apartment, with more separated rooms, was simply not suitable anymore to the new way to work. In order to exploit their potential, and make everyone in the office comfortable with his/her role and tasks, Monforte needs now the possibility to host more functions in the same space.
Monforte is moving to a new office within March 20th, in a temporary setup that Lago is contributing to create. They will start living in that office, waiting to complete it with your suggestions. Check the dedicated page and take part to the call; people will be able to like your project and share it with friends. All projects, ideas and proposals will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee (our co-founder Angela Ponzini will be part of it!). The nine selected winners will join Monforte team during the days of Fuorisalone; their works will be shown to the public and winners will also partecipate to Collaborative Talks, open to public and to other designers, with the purpose of exploring all the power of the ideas submitted. Three out of the nine selected will then be invited to further exploit the concepts presented, and helped financially and with substantial networking and communication actions to make their idea real and use Monforte as an important Case History.

Technical Partners of Ufficio Manifesto are Lago S.p.AUuushhImpact Hub and Barazza Srl.