Open Wifi Milano is a free WiFi service provided by the Municipality of Milan allowing to surf on the Internet from several sites in the urban area. To use the WiFi you need to own an italian SIM card, register and log in on the specific web site
Recently the Municipality activated 27 new WiFi spots, reaching 557 access points spread in the 9 city main areas. It’s quite easy to access to Open WiFi: when you are in one of the Open WiFi spots (you find an updated map here) with your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop, you just need to follow the instructions that you find on the page How To Surf.

Each user can surf the Internet for a daily amount of 300 MB of data. Once passed this threshold, the user can surf for one additional hour at the maximum speed allowed; after that, the surfing speed will be limited to 192 kb/s until 00.00AM.  The traffic daily amount available will be reset on the next day at 00.00AM. The coverage of openwifimilano is continuously improved and will reach a growing number of city sites.
There are more than 157 thousand people who have been registered already on this service generating more than 1 million and 790 thousand accesses and a traffic of over 268 thousand Gb.