Our “inspiration of the day” is a brilliant App made for simplifying the life of both expats’ and people with special needs.

What choices are there if someone would like to go to the cinema to see whatever movie is being screened, but would like to have the subtitles available because he/she speaks another language or he/she has hearing difficulties? You have to find a cinema, a time and a place where you can have the subtitles you are looking for. Or you can now dowload the Movie Reading App (developed by an Italian company) that brings subtitles to cinema, helping foreign language speakers and people hard of hearing.
Instead of having to book a specific subtitled showing in a specific screen in town, it’s now possible to directly choose the movie and the subtitles in the wished language. People just need a smartphone or a tablet (on which it has to be previously installed Movie Reading) and of course a ticket, and the App does the rest! Movie Reading is free to download on the App Store and on the Android Market.

In Milan at UCI Cinema in Bicocca, subtitles and electronic glasses are included in the ticket price, every day for Movie Reading users!
We think this is a useful tool for (con)temporary citizens, to help them feeling their own culture and in this way feeling (more) like home.

(www.moviereading.com and www.springwise.com)