bellezza & benessere @ via Arcimboldi, milan

bellezza & benessere @ via arcimboldi 5, milan

Bellezza & Benessere is a well-provided herbalist and wellness shop. Tea, tailor made herbal infusion, spices, natural supplements, creams and lotions, aromatherapy, essential oils, body care products, home accessories are provided in a nice shop in via Arcimboldi 5, Milan.
Mr and Ms Caniggia have being in this commerce for 30 years. They also have relevant experience on organic food even if they do not sell food anymore. Most of the natural and unique cosmetic recipes you can find in the store are mad by Mr Caniggia, who is a cosmetic chemist.  In Bellezza & Benessere you can also find amazing jewels hand-maded by Ms Caniggia with precious stones and materials.

Bellezza & Benessere
via Arcimboldi 5, Milan
Phone: +39 02 2047580
Opening Time: Mon 15.30 / 19.00; Tue – Fri 10.00 / 19.00; Sat 10.00 / 12.30