As you already know, MyHoming is a growing online platform that aims to connect international travellers with local retailers, in order to satisfy all travellers needs and increase the local market of products and services to be used on a temporary basis. MyHoming aims to provide to its users some tools in order to supply a real local experience, based on the features that are distinctive of each urban area.

In the period that goes from July to October 2013 we will test the potenciality of MyHoming, suggesting to Ostello Bello’s ( and Friendly Home’s ( guests some local shops around the corner that they could find interesting and useful while temporary living in Milan.

At the reception or while doing their check-in with the hosts, Ostello Bello‘s and Friendly Home‘s guests will receive the MyHoming map, on which they will find a selection of 17 local shops, from the clockmaker to the herbalist, from the bio restaurant with take away & delivery to the beauty center… In all these shops, always and only with their personal MyHoming map, guests can benefit of interesting discounts or little presents, kindly offered by retailers just for the MyHoming (growing) community!

Moreover, on the blog, guests will be able to find specific posts dedicated to our trusted retailers with additional informations (like a short story of the shops, the main peculiarities, skills and available services, videos…).

So, if you are a guest from Ostello Bello or from one of the amazing apartment on Friendly Home platform… enjoy our suggestions and please, before leaving Milan, let us know what do you think about MyHoming, about the shops and your contentment, about the neighbourhood and what you are looking for during your temporary experience in a foreign city, contacting us on our media channels ( Enjoy your (and our) Milan!