On sunday, the 19th of may, you can join the Garage Market & the party called “Festa delle Fave”, from 12.00 to 20.00, at the Ortica dance hall (la Balera dell’Ortica) in Milan! It will be a nice vintage and second-hand market, with music and dance sessions (swing and charleston). The MyHoming friends, Giulia and Veronica, will be present at the market with a creative tea-time workshop: with them you’ll be able to create your own handmade flowers, with tools, fabrics and materials supplied by the girls! Have fun!
947199_516009941770024_1354198191_n TEA-TIME CREATIVO
Garage Market & Festa delle Fave
La Balera dell’Ortica
Sunday 19th of may 2013
(www.facebook.com and www.labaleradellortica.com)