Dear all!

It’s my pleasure to announce that, after having finished the PhD, THINAH project is going to grow into a new, exciting adventure called MyHoming!! Skilled and brave mates are sharing with me this starting experience: Laura Galluzzo, Maia Rossi, Silvia Gramegna and Luisa De Bellis. I’m so proud and happy that THINAH is now MYHOMING, and that MYHOMING is now this great TEAM!

We all dream for international and innovative cities, focused on quality services and local market’s resources; cities where small and local shops are endorsed and where (con)temporary travellers are able and stimulated to discover and to personally live neighborhood’s features. Starting from this idea, MyHoming is a still growing online platform that aims to connect international travellers with local retailers, in order to satisfy all travellers needs and increase the local market of products and services to be used on a temporary basis. MyHoming aims to provide to its users different kind of tools in order to supply a real local experience, based on the features that are distinctive of each urban area.
MyHoming is addressed to those who we use to call (con)temporary travellers, to be intended as people that don’t search just for a temporary place where sleeping, but a more complete and wide hospitality experience: a local and everytime different cultural and human experience, based on certified quality standards.


During the Milan Design Week 2013 we want to test the potenciality of MyHoming, having the amazing chance to collaborate with the cultural enterprise Esterni for the Public Design Festival at Piscina Argelati. In particular, we will suggest to the “Emergency Urban Camping” guests a selection of local shops that they could find interesting while temporary living there. To do so, we will provide to guests a welcome package in which they will find some “travel tools” (like a toothbrush, kindly sponsored by Ponzini Spa, a razor and some band-aids), a map that shows some tips and our selection of local commercial activities, and some discount-gift coupons. With these coupons guests will deserve some discounts or small gifts from the selected retailers as stimulus for their (local) purchases.
The Design Week it’s one of the best moment for meeting and speaking with international travellers, designers and professionals. To make the most from this occasion, the 13th and the 14th of april we will be present at the Emergency Urban Camping collecting feedbacks and suggestions on this MyHoming temporary experience!
We will also publish, throughout this week, some info, pictures and contents about our selected shops and the area where the Emergency Urban Camping will be temporary placed.

So, stay tuned and start following the MyHoming adventure also on Twitter and Facebook!

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