I’ve recently been in my beloved London for few days. At the Hub King’s Cross, I’ve met my friend Felipe, who is running his own social enterprise, called Sumak Travel. I’m very happy to share on thishouseisnotahotel what Sumak Travel is!

some impressive images from Sumak Travel's destinations


some impressive images from Sumak Travel’s destinations

First of all, Sumak Kawsay means “good living” in Quechua. It proposes a human-and-life centred model for development which has been embraced by indigenous peoples in Latin America over the last two decades. Sumak Kawsay embodies ideas of caring for people, cultures and nature; principles that are key to true, sustainable development.

So, Sumak Travel, or “good, sustainable travel”, wants to contribute to the enpowerment of local communities in Latin America putting them and their environment at the centre of the model. In this way the model proposes a responsible tourism. Profits are reinvested into the business and into community-led, productive projects in Latin America. In particular, half of the profits are reinvested back into the social enterprise to increase the quality of the service and number of destinations. The remaining half is invested into community-led projects that are part of the Sustainable Pangea Network.

Have a look at the destinations available. If you’re planning for a trip to Latin America, there are some interesting itineraries to Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia to consider!

(www.sumak-travel.org and www.facebook.com/SumakTravel)