I’d like to share with you the birth of a new project by Giulio Iacchetti, called internoitaliano. The project is a new system for the production and sale of furnishing that represents the quality of the Italian Design.  All the pieces of the collection are realized by a network of craftsmen, expression of the best Italian manufacturing quality.

The whole collection shows the double signature of the designer and the artisans and will be on sale online from 9th November at www.internoitaliano.com after its launch at OPERAE, the Self-produced Design Sale Exhibition in Turin (9-10-11th November 2012
Cavallerizza Reale via Verdi 9 – Turin).
On Saturday the 10th of November, Giulio (with Stefano Maffei and Stefano Miceli) will be also present at the conference “Self-production in Italy: perspectives for a creative chain” at the Spazio Incontri Cavallerizza Reale via Verdi 9.