I’d like to share the news of the third edition of a design contest promoted by Utilità Manifesta, association of social promotion composed of a group of designers sensitive to political, cultural and social responsabilities of communication and graphic, in order to promote human fundamental values and rights.

This edition, called ENERGY FOR ALL, emphasizes the value of design for social purposes, sponsored by ICOGRADA – International Council of Graphic Design Associations, AIAP – the Italian Association for Design and Visual Communication and ADI – the Association for Industrial Design, Umbria branch.
Graphic designers, industrial designers and video designers are invited to take part in this contest with innovative projects, stressing the need to challenge the urging issue of global energy poverty.
The design contest is inspired to the 2012 UN resolutions which point out how impossible it is for some people to get to clean, accessible and reliable energy sources hindering any human, social and economic development.
The contest is devoted to professional and in-training designers, with no age or nationality restriction.
All designs collected into project categories will be judged by a prestigious international jury. The finalist designs will be published in the contest catalog and will be included in the final presentation events.

Invitation and rules on: www.utilitamanifesta.it
Deadline: 30 october 2012
Postponed deadline for INDUSTRIAL & VIDEO categories: 30 dicember 2012