D4 @ Politecnico di Milano, Bovisa

The 25th and the 26th of June, from after-lunch coffee to evening “Aperitivo”, the PhD candidates of the school of design are revealing the cards and showing the power of research! Design4 is an Agorà of participative discussion and open exchange. We would like to provoke and tackle some of the most contemporary issues of our days. We would like to listen to our public and put a light on design research role. In particular, we will talk about:

Contemporary products (25 giugno, 14:00)
Communicating culture (25 giugno, 16:00)
Cities to come (26 giugno, 14:00)
Co-Innovation (26 giugno 16:00) <<< I will talk about THINAH’s collaborative strategies in this session!

The PhD candidates will host Fabio DiLiberto, Leonardo Previ, Valentina De Marchi, Francesco Rolle, Giacomo Biraghi, Marta Pietroboni, Daniela Berto, Lorenzo Palmeri e Luca Sacchi. With their presence we desire to have a rich, live and important discussion. The event is free and open. It will take place in Castiglioni room, in building PK, Via Durando 10, Milano.

(www.design.polimi.it/design4 and www.facebook.com/PolimiDesign4)