I’ve found something really interesting from Belgium: an observatory of life at home, ILIV.

ILIV infographics: Bienvenue dans ma maison

Relax, recharge, get together with family or friends, welcome people, to feel safe, express creativity … More than just four walls, furniture and a roof, the house represents our life. So, ILIV’s mission is to highlight the importance of home life through scientific surveys, interviews and expert advice. Look at this photographic reportage: the feeling of “feel at home” expressed using pictures.

Patricia, 51 ans, Houffalize @ Se sentir à la maison en images

ILIV intends to take the pulse of our way of life at home and make people aware that our home life has an impact on every facet of our lives.
IKEA’s mission is to improve people’s lives in their home life: their dreams, their needs, challenges and aspirations. That’s why IKEA   supports financially ILIV in his research on life at home in Belgium. Anyway, ILIV operates completely independently of IKEA.

Tjen, 61 ans, Peer @ Se sentir à la maison en images