m-hotel shipping system

m-hotel is a hotel that can be transported anywhere in the world. With the facility to be temporary, the structure has been developed to meet any building regulation requirements, from achieving high insulation values to the ability to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. m-hotel produces two sizes: 250sq ft and 500sq ft.

m-hotel 250

The 250 is a high specification hotel room (with bathroom, kingsize bed, air-conditioning all around, storage and a home-office area) and is transported as a single 20 foot container, which is both ISO compliant and Lloyds approved.
The 250S and 500 are self-contained apartments.
The 250S is the smallest one, the studio version. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a dining space as well. The ingenious organisation of space means that it feels much larger that the size suggests and so it offers ample space for a couple to share comfortably. The 250S is transported as a single 20 foot container.
The 500 is designed to function as an apartment for short or long-stay use. The living room can be screened off, and the sofas used to offer another, double, temporary sleeping area.  Maximum storage is built in along with all the equipment. The 500 is transported as two single containers.

One of the unique selling points of the m-hotel is its use of the Intermodal system for transportation.

m-hotel moving system

In simple terms this means that the units shrink to half their size for transport, and become standard 20’ shipping containers. They can therefore be moved anywhere in the world simply and cheaply. Once they arrive they expand to become studios or apartments.
It takes approximately three man-days to undertake the transformation and the contractors take care of all of this.
Tim Pyne
is the architect who designed the m-hotel concept, and is a director of m-hotel ltd. Ron Packman is the structural engineer , and a director of Packman Lucas engineers. Cameron Smith is the quantity surveyor, and a director of Boydengroup surveyors.

(www.m-hotel.org and www.timpyne.com)