Waterhead Hotel @ Ambleside, UK

The Waterhead hotel in the English Lake District allows its guests to stuffs of the rooms they stay in.

Situated on the shores of Lake Windermere near Ambleside, the Waterhead aims to “offer an experience to all our guests that can be as individual as you are,” in the hotel’s own words. Toward that end, nine categories of room amenities can be customized to suit guests’ tastes. In artwork, for instance, there’s a choice of five different artists. Clarins, Thierry Mugler, Keiji and L’Occitane are the choices for toiletries, while teapot options include a “bathtub and rubber duck” model along with three other quirky styles. Candles, flowers, pillows, sweets, fruit and an arrival drink can also be specified. Meanwhile, preloaded digital picture frames are on hand to help hotel guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. Room rates at the Waterhead hotel begin at GBP 275 for a bed-and-breakfast overnight stay.

(info and photos www.englishlakes.co.uk and www.springwise.com)