From 17 to 20 of may I went to Paris with Alessandro Biamonti and Giacomo (my doctoral collegue) for the 1st International Symposium for Design Education Researchers, promoted by Cumulus and DRS.

Welcom get-togheter @ Centre de documentation/Lieu du Design Paris

Cumulus is the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media. It is a non-profit organization consisting of 165 universities and colleges of art, design and media from 43 countries. Cumulus was founded in 1990 and since then has been acting as an umbrella for many purposes and numerous projects for education and research of art, design and media.
(Design Research Society) is a multi-disciplinary learned society for the design research community worldwide. The DRS was founded in 1966 and facilitates an international design research network in around 40 countries.

During the conference, we participated to the doctoral Poster Session. The aim of this poster session was to building a visual  map (and visual database) of the current design researches (PhD, post-Doctorate, research oriented postgraduate education etc.) in the different design areas developed within schools, universities and institutions related to DRS or members of the Cumulus Association.

Poster Session @ Bourse du Commerce Paris

Poster Session @ Bourse du Commerce Paris

This mapping enabled the design community to understand  the present “panorama” of the youngest  researches in various design fields. A starting point for meshing, entangling or entwining ideas, curiosities, and questionings.

I met again Alain Findeli, the professor that I knew in Brussel (during the Fragile Conference) togheter with my friend Delfina. It was a great pleasure to speak with him!

Alain Findeli @ Cumulus/DRS Symposium Paris