Trade School Milan @ Tha Hub, Milan

On my Twitter, someone called MItradeschool added me. I looked for some informations about it and I discovered a very interesting project called Trade School Milano. It is a school based on barter, everyone is invited to participate as a student, a teacher or both. Actually the headquarters is The Hub Milan, in our Milan Chinatown. The school it will be open from May 3rd to May 25th 2011. They will have classes three days a week (with a maximum of two classes a day). Subscriptions on
I copy and paste more information about this great enterprise and designers who have founded it:

“Trade School started in New York City in 2010. Trade School is a school based on barter: teachers share wisdom and practical knowledge in exchange for goods and services from students. It’s easy! Sign up for a class by bringing an object or service that your teacher requests. People interested in teaching can submit their lesson on the Trade School website, choose the day and time for the class to occur, the maximum number of students that can attend the class and the objects or services that students must bring in exchange for the class. On the day of the class, students meet the teacher, barter items are given to the teacher, and the class occurs. Classes range from building tables to cooking soup, from finding a house in the city, to making compost.

Trade School Milan - First lesson @ Tha Hub, Milan

We are three designers based in Milan but coming from three different cities of Italy and three different backgrounds: Danila Pellicani is a product designer, Serena Schimd is an interior designer, Alessandro Contini is an interaction designer. We met each other at work, in the Interaction Design Lab studio, where we approached and experienced together the educational and school environment. We coordinated a lot of different kind of workshops and events based on the concept “learning by doing”. We then decided to work again together and to bring the Trade School project in Italy.

In February 2011 we participated in Trade School in New York as students and teachers. The experience was very exciting and it
demonstrated-taught us how the role of teacher and student are often easily interchangeable. Milan doesn’t have a school like this, so we are here to build a barter-for-instruction community!

Our aim is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge: an education that is comprehensible and affordable for everyone.

After the great experience in NYC, we want to open Trade School in Milano and spread the idea of the project to the italian culture. If we raise $2,000 or more, we can pay for the materials that cannot be salvaged and for the rent of the space we will keep the classes. All the coordinators and workers on this project are volunteers!

We understand that not everyone has cash but you can help by spreading the word: via facebook, twitter, (and emailing the link to this project to  friends) all help tremendously to get the word out there. If you know people who may be interested in funding the project, letting them know is a really helpful way to help out, even if you are unable to contribute yourself.”

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