50 Ideas for a New City posters

Fifty Ideas for the New City is a campaign designed for the Architectural League’s Urban Omnibus for the Festival of Ideas for the New City by Civic Center, New York.
“Civic Center is an urban design studio that works to make cities more comfortable for people. Founded by Candy Chang and James A. Reeves in 2010, Civic Center blends art, design, product development, legal research, and urban planning to create thoughtful public spaces and communication tools to help people navigate and shape their cities. The studio believes that public spaces should inspire conversations about the city, make the machinery of the city more accessible and effective, and restore a sense of dignity to the public realm.”

The Festival of Ideas for the New City it’s a huge event in New York City from May 4-8, 2011 that celebrates the ways we can shape the future of our cities. These posters are pop up on fences, scaffolds, and other public spaces throughout NYC to inspire passersby to think about how they can make their cities better. See all 50 ideas here with links to further discussion!

Art direction by James A. Reeves with illustrations by Kristina Kassem.

(infos and images from www.civiccenter.cc, www.festivalofideasnyc.com, www.urbanomnibus.net and www.blog.casase.it)