“Home Exchange is the vacation alternative where you stay in my house and I stay in yours.
There are two types of exchanges: home exchange and hospitality exchange.
Home exchangers trade their homes, condominiums or apartments at a time that is convenient to both parties, but these are not the only types of accommodations that one gets to choose from. For example, one exchanger traded his home for a 40-foot yacht. Another couple swapped their villa in Italy for a RV in Oregon because they had always wanted to tour the U.S. in true nomadic style. Often, home exchangers will include their automobiles as part of the package.

Hospitality exchangers, on the other hand, host each other in their homes at designated times. Your home exchange partners stay with you as guests and then you go and stay with them as their guests. There is a social aspect to this kind of exchange that some exchangers particularly enjoy. Conceivably, you also get a built-in tour guide with this mode of exchange.”

“Luxe Home Swap allows people with high-end dwellings to swap accommodation with others all over the world.
“Luxe” homes don’t necessarily have to be luxurious, UK-based Luxe Home Swap stresses; rather, they simply need an attractive location and home feel. Examples currently on the site include a 5-bedroom, 5-bath home in Sri Lanka, for example, as well as a 2-bedroom apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. To use the service, homeowners simply pay a GBP 99 annual membership fee and begin browsing the homes listed on the site. Once they find one they’d like to swap with, they contact the owner to discuss the details via secure messaging and sign a digital contract. Members can make as many swaps as they’d like over the course of a year; Luxe Home Swap even offers a second year of membership free for those who didn’t succeed to find a good swap in their first.”

(info from www.homeexchange.com, www.springwise.com and www.luxehomeswap.com)