From 14 to 17 October it’s possible to visit the LAGO apartment, in the event Brera EXTRAOrdinaria promoted by Brera Design District. The apartment is in Via Brera 30, second floor!

LAGO apartment @ V. Brera 30 Milano

From the page of the project: “The Appartamento is a Lago project, conceived through the awareness that design is not only about the individual product, but also about improving people’s life and work environments. With this in mind, we have found an innovative way to support this idea financially. The project involves several flats where the most interesting people meet and think at how to re-design life and their territory. The Appartamento is an incredibly beautiful place, designed to welcome people, work, relax and come up with ideas which will re-design the future. The flats are located in big cities but not only: they are wherever there is excitement, energy and people who have ideas to change the world. Anybody can apply and propose their own flat.” (